Natalia Hubbard (as played by Shannon Kane on All My Children)

Useful information about Natalia Hubbard

* Natalia is Jesse's daughter with Rebecca; born while he was in hiding from Papel.
* She came to Pine Valley and formed relationships with Angie and Frankie.
* Followed in her father's footsteps and became a cop and eventually a detective.
* Fell in love with Brot.
* Took a job in Philadelphia.

Who's played Natalia Hubbard over the years?

Shannon Kane (October 3, 2008 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Detective
Past: Police officer

Past History

Natalia was born to Jesse Hubbard and Rebecca while Jesse was on the run from Papel. Rebecca pushed Jesse to return to his true family when it seemed the coast was clear; after he left, Natalia was digging through her mother's things and found Jesse's contact information.

She came to Pine Valley to make him come back to her mother, who was ill. Tornadoes struck Pine Valley and Natalia was injured. Rebecca came to Pine Valley to be with her daughter and it was learned that she was dying from an inoperable brain tumor. Angie invited both Rebecca and Natalia to move to her home. Rebecca eventually died, but Natalia stayed in Pine Valley and joined the police force, ultimately making detective.

Natalia maintained a relationship with her father, Angie and brother Frankie. She and fellow cop Brot went on a few dates, but Natalia had a hard time letting him in. Brot continued to pursue her and they fell in love. However, Natalia resisted having sex with him because she was a virgin. Brot was understanding and they eventually had sex.

When the commissioner and governor, who had it out for Jesse, learned of Nataila and Brot's relationship, Jesse was instructed to fire one of them. Brot volunteered and tried to resign, but Natalia solved the problem by taking a job out of town.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships

Brot Monroe (dated)


Rebecca (Mother)
Jesse Hubbard (father)
Frankie Hubbard (paternal half-brother)
William (half-nephew, given up for adoption)