Mary Greenlee Smythe (as played by Anna Stuart on All My Children)

Useful information about Mary Greenlee Smythe

* Greelee's absentee mother.
* Mary is always chasing a new man, with a lot of money.
* She has been associated with Palmer Cortlandt and Adam Chandler, among others.

Who's played Mary Greenlee Smythe over the years?

Anna Stuart (2002 - 2004, January 29, 2009 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
Past: Sculptress

Past History

Mary Smythe can be best described as an absentee mother and gold-digger. She left daughter Greenlee to be raised by nannies while she trotted the globe with husband and husband and boyfriend after boyfriend. Never one to hold down a job, Mary jumps from man to man, each one richer than the last. When she is between men, she likes to catch up with her daughter, Greenlee, to play the devoted mother.

Past Marriages

Roger Smythe (divorced - deceased)

Flings and Relationships

Roger Smythe
Palmer Cortlandt
Jack Montgomery
Adam Chandler


Woodruff Greenlee (father)
Millicent Greenlee (mother)