Kat (as played by BethAnn Bonner on All My Children)

Useful information about Kat

* Is an old friend and lover of Aidan Devane's.
* Aidan was a friend of Kat's deceased husband.
* She runs a motel/boarding house.

Who's played Kat over the years?

BethAnn Bonner (November 6 2009 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Owns/runs a motel/boardinghouse

Past History

Kat was introduced when Aidan and Kendall were on the run and sought shelter at her motel/boardinghouse. Aidan had been Kat's husband's best friend. He was the one who informed her that her husband had died in the war. Kat fell in love with Aidan.

Kat is helping Aidan manipulate Kendall and Zach because he admitted to her that he loves Kendall.

Past Marriages

Unnamed husband (deceased)

Flings and Relationships